10 Steps to Getting Rid of Stuff


Have you ever wanted to start editing your possessions, but didn’t know where to start?  Is it an overwhelming prospect?  Please consider whether the following steps would help you with the process.

  1. Start with an attitude of thankfulness for the abundance we enjoy
  2. Enlist the help of  an accountability partner to help you with the process
  3. Select one area of focus at a time  (e.g. car interior,  bathroom,  linen closet)(exclude art,  family heirlooms and significant sentimental items)
  4. At least a few days ahead of the work date,  and with minimal review of the items in the focus area,  prepare a budget of the number of items you will keep (e.g. # of pairs of shorts, # of shoes etc.)  Get comfortable with and committed to the maximum number you will keep before beginning the culling process
  5. Lay out all the items from the focus area grouped with like-kind items in  “item budget” piles
  6. Choose your very favorite items to keep up to the maximum number in your “item budget”.  Every item should be the exact item you would purchase now for full price if you did not already own it.  Each item should also be something you have used in the past 12 months. None of the  items should be “just-in-case” or “something-I-might-need-someday” items
  7. Immediately place “keeper” items in their designated permanent home.  Put items to be donated into a bag designated “To Charity”, and place items to be disposed of  in a trash bag
  8. Remove the culled item bags from your space as soon as possible.  Do not look in or go back through the charity or disposal bags.
  9. Give yourself time to adjust to and appreciate the space made available by the culling process.  You now have your favorite items easily accessible.
  10. If tempted to replace a culled item,  ask yourself two questions :  Do I really need to replace the item?   If so, what like-kind item will I get rid of so as to make space for the new item.


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