3 Reasons to Kill Your Debt, and How to Start

Simple Life RebootConsider some of the reasons why debt is such an obstacle to our ability to realize our full potential.

Debt impacts margin.  Debt has a debilitating effect on our daily decision-making and our quality of life. Debt can prompt behaviors that are counter-productive at best and self-destructive at worst.


One problem with debt is that it puts us behind both financially and emotionally.  We put ourselves in an upside down position by deciding to pay for something later though we receive it now.  Though we have already enjoyed an item, we continue to pay for it. Also, whether we appreciated it or not, when we went into debt, we attached ourselves to an obligation to pay on something which most likely decreases in value as our monthly payment stays the same or increases.

Later, we need to make another purchase, something we really need, rather than just want.  We feel stupid, trapped, powerless.  By our own short-sighted actions, we have limited our options and have made obtaining necessities more difficult.

Being in debt is like starting a marathon a mile behind the start line with bags of sand tied around our ankles.   “Hey, get those bags of sand off my ankles, I want to fly!”


We are restrained.  We find ourselves short of our goal with impediments in our way.  We may have settled for the shiny, quick pleasures while sacrificing the long term objective of realizing peace, productivity, joy – margin.  That’s okay.  The finish line is still out there, waiting for us.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  –  Chinese Proverb

So, stop adding bags of sand to your ankles.  Begin by removing the smallest bags first.  Focus all of your excess energy (extra monthly funds) towards paying off the smallest debts first.  As you make progress towards the start line, paying off ever more debt, you are getting in shape to run the full marathon, which for many of us, is the mortgage debt.


Debt is a master because it creates an incessant obligation to perform.  If you do not perform, penalties are imposed.  The obligation is ongoing and usually costs you more over time than the original cost going in.  We underestimate the full sacrifice we must endure to eliminate the debt.


So, the time has come to do intentional bodily harm to your debt master.  In order to defeat this tyrant, you must devise a plan, and then execute it with extreme prejudice.  Kill your debt with the ferociousness  of a mother bear attacking to defend her cubs.  If the mother bear fails, the wolves kill her offspring.  If she succeeds, her little family grows and prospers.

Treat getting out of debt with the seriousness it deserves.  We are talking financial, emotional and relational survival, not to mention the future health of your family.  Eliminating debt could literally determine whether you get married, stay married, have children, and whether those children get the education/resources they need to succeed.

Killing your debt can change everything.


It is by orders of magnitude easier to incur debt than pay it off!  Why?  Because going into debt involves reward without sacrifice.  Pretty obvious, right?  Getting out of debt involves sacrifice without reward.  Not so much fun.  Ugh.

So, do this.  Every time you pay off a debt, regardless of the size, celebrate by doing something special for yourself and/or your spouse.  Go see a movie, go for a hike, go out to dinner, or take a short pleasure trip.  Do something to recognize your sacrifice, and then get back to it and continue to KILL THAT DEBT!

WARNING:  Do not incur further debt in the celebration of your victories!


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