5 Fabulous Reasons to Travel with Your Kids

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East Coast 2008 139Over the past few years Sheryl and I wanted to share some experiences with our children before they began leaving the nest.  We decided to plan a few trips.  As it turns out, each of these trips  became a memorable experience, reminding us of some of the fabulous reasons we travel with our kids.

1)  To Learn Together

You will, of course, discover new facts about the places you visit, and about the events that took place there.  But more importantly, when you travel with your kids, you allow them to see you, the parent, in situations in which you are learning something new, as well.  The kids discover you do not know it all, and that you are not afraid to admit it.  They will love and respect you all the more for this.  And they will be excited at the prospect of you all being on this journey of discovery together.

Our east coast trip stands out as a East Coast 2008 119particularly wonderful adventure.   Beginning in Washington, D.C., we visited a number of buildings and monuments.  A few particularly memorable places included the Washington Monument, U.S. Capitol, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  Each day one of the kids would take their turn as tour guide, in charge of getting the group from our rental house in the D.C. suburbs, to the subway, and finally to the designated place we were visiting that day.

From Washington we drove to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, a 300-acre living history museum with hundreds of restored, reconstructed, and historically furnished buildings.

2)  To Play Together

After our time at Washington and Williamsburg, we drove  to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

East Coast 2008 303How often do you get to play alongside your kids, enjoy a fun-filled ride, go on a pretend-safari, or be entertained by amazingly tall furry creatures?  The kids, having appreciated our history tour the previous few days, were now ready for the big pay-off, five days at Disney World.  There is a joy and a wonderment you experience in this place that fulfills your highest expectations.

3)  To Dream Together

Traveling together affords you the opportunity to talk with your kids about things you never think about in everyday life, like outer space, for instance.

In between days at Disney World, we took in the NASA complex at Cape Canaveral.  We are all passionate believers in discovery and in our nation’s space program.East Coast 2008 406  To share our passion together, in this place, walking through the history of the program, standing next to these awesome machines and reading the stories of the people who were and are involved, was  inspirational.

There is no better place than NASA to evoke images of the future, and to carry on conversations about the hard work and courage that has gone into mankind’s endeavor to reach beyond earth’s environment.

4)  To Eat Together

It is such a basic activity. One East Coast 2008 217might ask, “why would eating together be on this list of fabulous reasons to travel together?”

The sad reality is that many families do not share mealtimes anymore.

Traveling allowed us to share a meal without interruption. Simple time together, enjoying the most basic things, sometimes, is all you need to be content.

5)  To Laugh Together

Laughter is so beneficial to our health.  Laughing with your kids is doubly good.  It not only smooths the rough spots,  it strengthens  our relationships.  Traveling, experiencing new places and people, seems to multiply the opportunities to find the lighter side of things.  When was the last time you and your kids laughed at the same thing, or at each other?Katie's East Coast 2008 020

We can take life pretty serious at times.  Life often deserves to be taken seriously, but without laughter to balance things out, the weighty issues of the day can become overwhelming.

Enjoy being silly together.  Show your kids you are not afraid to look and act foolish. They will probably appreciate your attempt at humor.  Even when you fail miserably, they will most likely fill in the awkward moments with some truly funny routines of their own.

Do not underestimate the enduring memories of traveling with your kids.  There is something for everyone out there.  When you experience the world together, you create a bond that you will enjoy for a lifetime.



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