5 Step Plan for Protecting New Margin

life marginOne of the surest ways to improve our lives is to create margin.  However,  when creating margin, it is crucial to keep in mind this principle from Aristotle.

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Recently created space is a magnet for less desirable replacement “fillers”.

If you doubt this, please consider the following:

Have you ever scheduled a break in your regular routine in order to get things done around the house, and then found yourself accomplishing little? Did you wonder at the end of the day where all your time went?  Similarly,  consider a recently cleared kitchen counter,  do you luxuriate in the new space,  or do you promptly start stacking other junk on it?

Before we launch into self-recrimination, consider whether simple awareness of this vulnerability, as well as some advance planning, provides the necessary bumper we need to stay on track.  Five sure steps to protecting new margin are as follows:

1) Recognize that new margin may initially feel unnaturally empty. That’s okay.  Don’t rush to fill it in or use it up.

2) View new margin as precious time, space and resources, to be kept available, giving yourself room for error, room to grow.

3) Create and preserve margin in all priority areas of your life.

4) Decide in advance that newly created margin (freed-up time, funds and space) will not be used for a certain predetermined period of time.

5) As you begin to use a portion of newly created margin,  be sure that the new use is more in alignment with your priorities than was  the previous use.


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