A Simple Step You Must Take Now to Reduce Information Overload

screenshot“You can do anything, but not everything. ”  David Allen


The Problem

We live in an exciting time.  With easy access to the internet and quality podcasts, blogs, books, webcasts,  forums, and MOOCs, the sky is the limit for growth and service. The problem is our inability to deal with abundance. If we attempt to gather, sift and apply the available quality resources,  the end result may be numbness or withdrawal due to exhaustion.

The Solution

In order to stay in the fray, we need to implement safeguards.  The identification of mentors and information curators is the simple solution. Once curators are identified, available time can be used digesting and applying information provided by them.

Our Curators

Dave and I have great respect for curation. It is expertise in selecting, preserving and maintaining assets. The integrity and skill of the curator determines the value of the collection. Dave and I are beholden to quality content on intentional, simple, minimal, faith-based/value-driven living.  The following list, referenced in part in our earlier post,  Thought Leaders Who Have Inspired Us,  though not comprehensive of all the high quality content providers,  lists the experts who have been most influential in our journey thus far.

Principles of Margin:

Timothy Keller @timkellernyc

Dr. Henry Cloud @DrHenryCloud

Simple / Organized Living:

Simple Life Together – Dan and Vanessa Hayes

Zen Habits – Leo Babauta

The Simple White Rabbit – Christy King

Be More With Less – Courtney Carver

The Other Side of Complexity – Mike Burns

Value of Simple – Joel Zaslofsky

Slow Your Home – Brooke McAlary


The Minimalists – Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Becoming Minimalist – Joshua Becker

Getting Out the Message:

Michael Hyatt

Linked In Lady – Carol McManus

Become A Blogger – Leslie Samuel


We welcome your suggested additions.  Please make recommendations in the comments section.  Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “A Simple Step You Must Take Now to Reduce Information Overload

  1. Great article Sheryl. My cousin is a pastor in Ohio and is Timothy Keller’s adjunct pastor who visits their church plants in Europe. I also got to know Henry Cloud through him. Small world.

  2. Saw your article in the paper. Love what you’re doing! Gary Vanderpol at Denver Seminary has a blog that might be worth looking at: http://economicdiscipleship.com/blog/ He just published a book (I think) as well. I direct a campus ministry at the UO and he spoke at one of our conferences this past year. He’s worked so hard to look at money through the lens of God and to challenge people to look at it differently. I hope you enjoy the simplifying!

  3. Hi Sheryl and thank you for an insightful post.

    I am not sure if my The Joy of Simple blog fits in with the above individual blogs, but if so, I’d be honored to join the list. If not, I’m honored none-the-less 🙂

    Thanks again and take care. All the best.


    • Thank you so much, Lyle. We anticipate gathering suggestions and posting an update. We appreciate your input and your work.