About Dave

Dave with leafHello there!  My name is Dave Balthrop and I am happy to share with you a few details about myself, including why I believe Simple Life Reboot is an amazing tool to help share our journey towards rediscovering a more simple and flourishing life.

I’m a mentor to people with developmental disabilities.  It is a job I love and from which I get tremendous satisfaction.  I am also husband to a remarkable woman named Sheryl, the other half of the Simple Life Reboot team, and papa to four awesome kids.

I believe we move towards that which we contemplate.  What Simple Life Reboot aims to do is make us think about the important things in life more often.

I know you’ve probably heard this before many times, but believe me when I say that if it becomes your desire,  that you absolutely can (and will) change your life in positive and dramatic ways.  Once you are committed, all it takes is some thoughtful analysis, a little proper planning, and finally, the execution of a plan.

But I would never want you to think I have all the answers, or that I have executed countless flawless plans.  Wow, nothing could be further from the truth.  What I can promise you is that we will continue to speak honestly about what we are attempting to achieve.  What is that?  A more excellent life.  We seek to create more margin in order to give us the time, the resources and the physical energy with which to love each other better along this magnificent life journey.

It is my honor to share with you some of our foibles, our stumbles and missteps along the way.  We believe it helps to share, because it keeps our focus on what can be done daily to improve and move towards the finish line.

In our case, we like to think of the finish line as spread out over the remainder of the time we have left in this world, defined by a life well-lived.