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My first love is good storytelling.  I enjoy working with other professionals in the entertainment field who are passionate about bringing the very best they have to offer to the table in creating a meaningful cinematic experience.  Collaboration and innovation are key.  I currently have two scripts.

FIRST LADY is a political thriller.

SEEDS OF DOMINION is a supernatural thriller.




FIRST LADY – political thriller

Logline:  Jazz bar owner and former marine, Jammin’ Joe Rollins, risks everything to save the First Lady from a street mob, and from the men who were sworn to protect her.


SEEDS OF DOMINION – supernatural thriller

Logline:  A gifted law student, recruited in the afterlife to manipulate the downfall of a charismatic preacher, discovers a mysterious connection with the people he is being trained to deceive.



THE COURAGE AND THE FAITH – historical fiction

A historical novel set in Afghanistan, mid-1980’s, during the Soviet occupation.  It chronicles the journey of CIA officer, Steven Divine, and his Pakistani guide, Haji Padshah, inside North-eastern Afghanistan to broker a deal between the tribal lords of that region.


Short Story


Memories of a young boy’s best friend, a Labrador Retriever named Robin, growing up in rural Oregon.



I am passionate about helping people create margin, simplicity and improved relationships.  The weekly blog, Simple Life Reboot, that I co-author with my wife, Sheryl, is dedicated to encouraging others by sharing our own experience as we move toward more margin and a life well lived.







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