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What does a beautiful life look like?

It is different for each of us, but for many it includes things like family, faith, hard work, adventurous spirit, trips with people we love, creativity, humor, passion, celebrating traditions, and enjoying good health.  Truly, a beautiful life is all of these things, and maybe something more.


Determining our purpose may be the most important element of a beautiful life.  I am not talking about calling, the thing we feel we must do in life in order to fulfill our potentials and gifting.  Rather, purpose has to do with the big picture,  why we exist in the first place. For Sheryl and me, our purpose is defined by our faith.  However,  purpose is an issue we should all address.

In order to determine purpose, we must begin at the end.  It is at the end where we find our final regrets, when everything finally comes into focus.

When that time arrives, and we take our final breath, what we will likely think about is not what thing we never possessed, or what location we never visited, but rather how we could have loved our family and friends better, deeper, and longer.  Our regret will not be what we did for others, but what we did not do.

To love and sacrifice for others is one of the few matters over which we have control.  It is the truest and noblest part of the life we will leave behind.  Understanding this about ourselves, that we have the capacity to unconditionally give our time, our love, and ourselves to others, may be the most powerful reminder of why life is so beautiful.

It is beautiful by design.


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