Deep Living in a Shallow World

Hawaii 2009 527Do you find yourself increasingly distracted by life’s daily obligations that leave you too little time, thought or energy, to feel renewed, refreshed, or inspired?

That’s what vacations are for, right?  But many times our vacations can leave us more tired and frazzled than daily life.

We can spend a lot of money getting to that special destination, and there is an investment of time being away from work.  The ego can also be involved – did we select the best faraway paradise to smooth the wrinkles of life?  Having so much capital on the line, it becomes natural to feel we cannot waste a minute of time, or miss out on seeing everything possible during our vacation.

But this same frantic attitude that has followed us from our daily life, might be why we needed the vacation to begin with.  How can we hope to escape our own shallow living by taking a shallow vacation?  We return home more tired and disappointed than ever.

Some possible solutions.

Deep Living Exercises

By taking measures to renew ourselves daily, we do not necessarily have to wait for that future vacation to alleviate what ails us.

Try any of these daily exercises, or all of them, to add layers of contentment and meaning to your life.

1)  Spend some time deep in thought every day.  By devoting sustained attention to a project or idea that means something to you, your intellectual compass gets reset back to true north.  Choose a time when you are alone, free from distractions, and immerse your mind in something substantive.  If you never know where you currently stand, it is hard to know where you are going.

2)  Spend time deep in work.  Engage in a difficult problem at work.  Take on the principal challenge of the day, and find a real solution that creates value.

3)  Ask a friend about how life is going, and listen.  Do not settle for the standard answer most people give.  You can be breezy, not inappropriate or too probing, but show genuine interest in how a project is going, or how the kids are doing, the new job, or about the sail boat he is building.  Offer to help out on a project, or be a sounding board if they need to talk through an idea or problem.

4)  Look for the positive attributes in your partner.  Remind yourself daily, and let them know, how much you appreciate and love them.  When they enter the room, acknowledge them.  Treat them as if they are the most important person in the world to you, because they are.

5)  Exercise regularly and eat well.  The body needs movement and good nutrition to regain energy.  Exercise with your partner.  Train for an upcoming event.  Stay motivated by creating goals that you can attain with some effort.

6)  Spend time in prayer. The words you say will be heard.  We are not alone in life.  Acknowledge Him and give thanks for everything you have.

Remember, life is continually diluted with mundane tasks and mediocre effort.  To regain energy and find inspiration, we must devote ourselves deeply and regularly to the things that matter.  Only then will we find ourselves  renewed and in touch with the genius of our life.

Only then will we know where we stand, and who stands with us.

Deep Thinking – Deep Working – Deep Friendship – Deep Loving – Deep Faith

Do not settle for mediocrity!


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