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rainbowpainting-e1385166480179Do you have trouble showing people the true you?  I mean the you that is buried beneath the armor we put on every day to keep others from hurting us.  I mean the you that emerges on your very best days.  I mean the you that will remain when everything else goes away.

When we are very young we have the courage to be true, but lack the knowledge of life.  When we are older we have gained more knowledge, but in the process, may have lost the courage to show our true selves.  Why?

Perhaps we simply do not want to be thought  of as foolish, and so we guard against revealing too much of our thoughts, feelings, convictions.

But how does revealing these things put us at risk of looking foolish?

Showing our true self is not an excuse to use bad judgment

There is a world of difference between being foolish and being authentic.    We still need to utilize our intellect to discern what is appropriate.  This involves being aware, not commenting or acting prematurely.  It involves being thoughtful, considerate, and sensitive to timing.

But being authentic also means you are not afraid to give it away.

Showing our true self means we give it away

“Give what away?”

The thing you are afraid of losing.  The key is to not be afraid of losing it.

“Losing what?”

The thing within you that others need.  The thing you learned to conceal so long ago so the bullies of the world could not take it and twirl it in the air like a baton, only to let it fall hard to the ground.

“I still don’t know what to give away.”

The best part of yourself.  The you that you always thought you could be.  The you that is true and that only God knows fully.

When was the last time you needed something extraordinary?  The truth is, when we are not afraid to give it away, the best part of ourselves brings out the best part of others, the extraordinary part.

When we are not afraid of losing it, we are filled up with more than we can ever give away.  Call it the law of unintended goodness, the law of reciprocation.  Call it whatever you want.  It always works.  It is always true.

Show others who you are, the best that is in you.  You will be extraordinary, and bring out the best in others.

So, don’t be afraid.  Give it away!

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