How Do We “Flip the Switch” to Make the Change?

IMG_1003Have you experienced this?  One day you are relatively satisfied with a situation. Then,  something happens and you cannot make needed changes fast enough.

How can something be “okay” one moment, and then abruptly “not okay” the next?

For most of us, there is usually a triggering event which causes us to become acutely aware of a shortcoming.  After making the decision to change, our motivation shifts into high gear as we reach for what we now consider to be a necessity.

But what “flips our switch”?  What creates this internal discord and urgency? And perhaps more importantly, how do we keep that switch flipped on?

Recently that switch flipped for me with respect to my weight and fitness. In years past I had completed Ironman triathlons, but more recently,  I had drifted into a sedentary lifestyle.  At some imperceptible point,  I finally recognized my fitness level was unacceptable.

The decision to make a change was nothing less than thrilling.

Then, almost immediately, the high of making the decision to change gave way to the realization of the sustained commitment, time and effort, that would be required.  If only I could have bottled that initial excitement and clarity of purpose for repeated application over the months and years to come!

So, in an effort to stay the course, I devised an experiment of sorts. As part of Simple Life Reboot, I decided to videotape what I hope will be a transformational process. At points of discouragement, I will review the tape to remind myself of the progress I have made.  I may, if I become brave enough, post video of this journey.

Please join me on this journey.  Also, please share what measures you have found helpful over the years in keeping your motivational switch flipped on.


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One thought on “How Do We “Flip the Switch” to Make the Change?

  1. This is one of your best blogs! Love to read what responders suggest! Hope you will post some of them and your video down the road.