How to Beat the Death Clock

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We live in a death denying culture.  We prefer to ignore the reality that absent divine intervention, we will all die someday.  We pretend that with new medical advances and improved environmental factors, our lives can be extended indefinitely.  We try to shield ourselves from the reality of death.  We prefer that the dying be hidden behind the walls of a facility and that our food arrive in neat plastic wrapped containers.

Many of us are unfamiliar with death.  We fail to appreciate the extraordinary preciousness of the days of life we have.  While we can replace stuff, money and labor,  we cannot replace time.  Time is our most precious resource. Yet we,  Dave and I included,  squander far too much time on unimportant activities.

In order to personally confront this issue,  I used the calculator on to generate my estimated date of death based on actuarial data and biographical factors.  If I subtract out the time I expect to spend at the office and asleep,  I have an estimated 9.5 years left. Wow! Talk about a wake-up call!

Am I going to use that time wisely by spending it with family, serving others and growing…. or will I squander it on amassing and managing property, engaging in nonproductive activities, and numbing myself with vacuous diversions?   You and I each make this choice on a  minute-by-minute basis.   Let’s choose wisely!


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