Learning to Let Go of Grief … With Shoes

shoe boxThe salesperson was the first person to know outside our immediate family.  No doubt my face lit up as I  shared why I  needed comfortable  shoes for the office.  It took some time,  but I ultimately selected a gorgeous pair of  green flats.  I was thrilled with the purchase and anticipated the amazing  path the shoes would walk over the months to come.

My profound joy was cut short the next day.  After returning from the hospital,  I quietly moved the green shoes to the back of our shoe rack.  Later yet,  I put the  shoes  in a storage box in a closet.  Later yet,  I hid them in the attic.

Though I tried to ignore them,  the green shoes were always there.  For a long time,  they stood in silent witness to our loss.  Later,  the shoes represented a desperate hope for the future.  Later yet,  they mocked me about a life I would never have.  Yet, in spite of all of this, I could not let go of the green shoes.

When Dave and I decided to embark on Simple Life Reboot,  I realized I had to deal with the green shoes.  I did not want to take all that the shoes represented into our new life.  It would not be easy – but I had to let go.

It was all I could do to lay the never-worn shoes into a box for Goodwill. As Dave drove away,  I felt a flash of fear that I had made a terrible mistake.  It passed and was replaced with something else.  Suddenly I knew that by getting rid of the green shoes,  I now had room for new shoes;   shoes which would dance at weddings, shoes which would run to help a friend in need,  and shoes which would take me on new adventures.


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