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After Sheryl and I decided to move forward on selling our home, we had a few decisions to make regarding all the stuff we had accumulated over the years.

I am not sure how this happens, but we found we could literally walk through our house and point to dozens upon dozens of things we had not used or even thought about in years.  Yes, there it is, just sitting there collecting dust, that ornament used once at Thanksgiving four years ago, those CD’s, that bicycle with the flat tire not ridden once in five years, half a dozen board games, blankets, bowls, half a garden hose, shelves, dressers, old books, all these things, belonging to the stubborn intentions of the past, lost to the present-day reality.

It did not take long for us to realize we would need to have a moving sale.  But could we really sell any of this stuff?  Really?  It all was just so much junk.  Would anyone want to buy that old Braveheart DVD?  As it turns out, they did.  Over one long, very tiring weekend, we sold fifteen-hundred dollars worth of that junk.  Wooohooo!  We also managed to give away a good bit.

In the end, nearly all of it was gone.  What we ended up keeping were boxes of things we thought we could not live without, but many of these things went straight into the attic next door, where chances are pretty good that we will not have any real desire to lay eyes on the stuff again for years.

What was left of our worldly possessions you could probably fit into a few wheelbarrows, and let me tell you…it felt liberating!  It felt magnificent!  We were finally free of a thousand stupid little choices, represented by all the useless, mundane stuff we had sitting around.

Clear thinking and decisive action had begun to free us of the trappings of an unexamined life.

It was only the beginning.


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