Rediscover the Bedrock of Life

Katie's East Coast 2008 033Close relationships are the bedrock of life.  If you have them, nurture them, appreciate them, treasure every moment you have with the people in your life.

If you have lost touch with family, try to reconnect.  If you cannot reconnect, I hope you will consider reaching out to others near you who would benefit from having a friend.

Too many of us spend time alone, either because we are too busy to make the effort necessary to foster a relationship with others, or because being alone is simply what we have gotten used to.  Life is less complicated, and a whole lot easier, when other people are not mucking up our comfortable little nest we have managed to cobble together.

Hawaii 2009 493Simple Life Reboot is all about caring less about things and more about people.  At the end of our days, it will not be the items we own we will treasure, but the people we shared our life with, the experiences we had, the amazing sights, the humor, and the love.

Do not let any more time go to waste.  Connect with the people around you.  Start a conversation with three people in the next week you do not know.  You will be astonished to learn their story. Lives will be enriched, including your own, because you bothered to care.


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