Rethinking When the Workday Begins

Hawaii Nick 2009 018When does your day begin?  Until recent years I thought my day began after getting up in the morning.  But deeper analysis suggests we should begin to prepare for our day at night, by getting the proper rest.

According to Genesis, when God created time, He first created night and then day.

Night Before Day – Rest Before Work

It requires a mind shift, but if we think of the rest we get at night being the beginning of our day, we become more aware of the need to go to bed at an established time.

The Western concept of the work day has us working hard, then getting rest at night, or working hard all week toward a restful weekend, or working hard through the years until we eventually stop working (retirement).  Maybe it should be the other way around.  Maybe the emphasis should be on resting in order to work.

We like to think the reward is rest, but actually the reward is work.  After all, work feeds us, it clothes us, shelters us.  It keeps us motivated.  It supplies purpose and contentment.  Without it we are rudderless.

So, begin your day with rest, so you can enjoy the reward.


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5 thoughts on “Rethinking When the Workday Begins

  1. Working in the entertainment industry puts this in a different perspective as well. I have to be prepared the night before for the next morning because my morning starts at 5am and people are waiting for me to coordinate their activities. That can include a list if specific tasks based on information I may have, or choices I must make plus the priority order of the tasks and scheduling in general.

    I did not start out in life as a ‘morning person’. I was a ‘night owl’. My creative energy kicked in around 6pm. I had to learn to channel and direct my creative focus and energy so that it served me better. This has taken years of discipline and diligent application. But now it works for me very well.

    These days, whether or not I am working, I prefer rising early. Not only do I love seeing the dawn light, I love having the time for myself to reflect, imagine and project my creativity onto my own life, instead of having it serve a project I am employed on.

  2. I wanted to add that the ‘preparation’ I am referring to is not necessarily a ‘list’ on paper. I am a firm believer in being in partnership with my subconscious. I engage my subconscious to help solve problems and establish priorities while I sleep. Then I can sleep peacefully knowing when I wake up I will have a few options and solutions to choose from in my working daytime mental state.

    Having a double espresso also helps 😉

  3. This is such an important principle! thanks for reminding us 🙂 I also like that in the jewish tradition the first day of the week is saturday – their day of rest 🙂