Season of the Snail


snailTransitioning from a life with narrow margin to one that offers freedom and opportunity can be a slow-moving process.  Sheryl and I started on our journey in June of this year (2013).  We began by having two moving sales to reduce our belongings by about 80%.  We then updated floors, counter tops, interior paint, and made minor improvements to our large home before putting it on the market.

We did not expect to sell our home quickly.  Here in Eugene, Oregon, the housing market is stronger than in other areas of the country. Nonetheless, the general economy poses many unanswered questions.  For those looking to purchase a home in our price range,  careful shopping is the norm.


Every year about this time (July to October) a little creature appears here in Oregon that reminds me of the current crop of home buyers moving about in search of their next home.

This is the season of the snail, that tiny, slow-moving Gastropod Mollusc that slides along with its house on its back, taking in the world micro-inch by micro-inch.  I think they are God’s little accountants, come to make their calculations on the business of the world; the lushness of the vegetation, Earth’s solidity, water acidity, and, of course, the precise distance between objects.

The creatures move so gradually, at least by our human standards, that they seem methodical in their purpose.

Patience has never been a strong suit for me.  Who knew the common snail could provide instruction?  As I encounter conditions that do not match my expectations, the snail teaches 5 basic principles:

1)  Slow-moving objects may be moving faster than they appear;

2)  Staying busy when waiting on others to decide requires less patience;

3)  Knowing you are moving in the right direction alleviates much doubt and fear;

4)  Planning and executing well, assures that you have prepared for success, not that you are guaranteed to achieve it; and

5)  Watching nature, particularly snails, in your back yard can be instructive and soothing.


No animals were harmed in the contemplation or writing of this post.


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