Simple Life Reboot: Survey Q & A

Simple Life Reboot Q and AFar too often we forget to tell people how much they mean to us.

Dave and I would both like to take this opportunity to thank you.  We recognize that by reading this,  you have taken precious time out of your day.  We treasure you as a reader and are committed to honoring your time.

As part of our commitment to serve you,  we reached out to our readers in a recent survey.  We were humbled by the extraordinary response. Again, thank you!

As promised,  our answers to your most frequently asked questions are as follows:

Do you find that the journey is getting easier or more difficult as you go?

It has become more difficult.  While we believe that this is just a challenging season, we have come to realize that lasting change does indeed take time. Last summer, caught up in the excitement of changing our lives to align with our priorities,  we edited 85% of our belongings and put our “dream house” on the market.  We naively believed that by the summer of 2014, we would have created significant margin and have things all figured out.  While we are confident that we are on the right path for us, we are learning that we need to be patient with the process.

How do you avoid old habits?

It is an ongoing struggle.  However, the first step for us is to recognize our weaknesses.  Then, we implement measures  to help us stay the course.  We realized that in order to make the type of change desired,  we needed to burn the metaphorical boat behind us by selling our house. We knew that moving into a significantly smaller space would help us   1)  limit the accumulation of possessions; and   2) be more active and engaged.

 Do you ever slip and want to replace items you let go of?

With the exception of a small corner hutch,  we have not missed nor felt any desire to replace edited items.  In fact,  we look forward to making further edits.  We continue to have several  larger furniture pieces that we would like to replace with pieces better suited to our needs.

Do you ever regret your decision? /Any remorse?

None.  Seriously, none.  At present,  we have had almost a year to change our minds and return to our former lifestyle.   I occasionally walk around our house on the market and ask myself,  “Do we really want to leave this behind?”   I can tell you,  without hesitation, the answer is “Yes”.    By letting go,  we can move forward into a beautiful future.




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