SLR 064: The Longings of Our Heart

Simple Life Reboot Grandpuppy JaxWhat things do we need from others to feel our life has worth?

The answer to that question informs us about why material treasures so inadequately satisfy our most basic emotional needs.

Three emotional reservoirs are required in order to be happy.  They are the longings of our heart…

…to be known

…to be needed

…and to be loved

It is what a father needs from his children.  It is what a child needs from their father.  It is what a wife needs from her husband, and a husband from his wife.

Man needs nothing less from his Creator, but often searches for answers in the wrong places.

Certainly, our Creator desires nothing less from each of us, that we…

…know Him

…need Him

…and love Him

But too often we do not know Him because we do not seek to know.  We need Him only when it is convenient for us, and we fail to love Him as we seek first to be loved.

It is a self-centered approach, one that we all too often utilize with each other, as well.  I am convinced it is the underlying reason why many of us remain habitually unsatisfied throughout our lives.

Give it away, and receive abundantly in return.

Seek to know your son and daughter, and they will seek to know you.

Be vulnerable with your loved ones and recognize the enrichment they offer to your own life, and that you need them, and they will in time recognize the ways in which they need you, as well.

Be kind and loving to those around you, and find that with time they will love you with a more caring and open nature.

The longings of our heart will be answered when we realize that what we need from others they first need from us.

So, be the first to give.

“…whatever you did for the least among you, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:40

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