SLR 067: An Interview with Mom

Simple Life RebootFar too often the journey to simplicity focuses on our own needs and desires. In an effort to share another perspective, Dave and I sat down for a candid talk with my mother, Carolyn.

Mom has had a front row seat on this roller coaster ride to greater margin.  Though not a “fan” of reducing possessions, she stood by us as we let go of 85% of our belongings. She not only opened her home,  she cheered us through some rough patches.

In this podcast,  Carolyn shares how our journey has affected our family.  She is our hero … and we wanted you to hear her words of wisdom.


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6 thoughts on “SLR 067: An Interview with Mom

      • Do you remember which podcasts you were listening to on your car trip to Seattle? I’m always on the lookout for good, new ones to listen to.

        • I’m not certain, but we were most likely listening to “Simple Life Together”, “Smart and Simple Matters”, “Zen Habits Favorites”, “Beyond the To-Do List” and “Minimalism for the Rest of Us”. Cheers!

  1. Loved your most recent podcast! Love the informal conversational tone. Your mom is amazing!! Truly enjoyed hearing her perspective and yours as you travel this simplifying journey together as a family.