SLR 076: A Shout Out for SimpleREV 2014!

Simple Life Reboot

Joshua Becker delivers opening remarks. Joel Zaslofsky and Dan & Vanessa Hayes in background, front row.

Having just returned from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.  a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to Joel Zaslofsky and Dan Hayes for putting together the first ever SimpleREV conference where folks from around the world came together to share stories and discuss how the simplicity/minimalism movement is changing lives and communities.

Sheryl and I were honored to speak.  We told our story of how we came to realize in May of 2013 that we needed to move from a life of chasing after more stuff, to a life enriched by quality experiences and deeper relationships.  Even though we had a great time telling our story at SimpleREV,  we were even more thrilled and inspired by others’ stories.

One of the many takeaways from the conference was this:  people in this simplicity/minimalism movement are well grounded folks seeking to serve others.  The spirit and passion conveyed by attendees was tempered only by their insight and wisdom.

Nobody embraces the simplicity/minimalism movement without having pondered the most basic and critically important questions regarding what makes life meaningful.  People, not things.

Bring simplicity folks together at a conference in a friendly city like Minneapolis, and what you get is several days of unforgettable stories, inspiration and long lasting friendships.

We were so honored to participate!

Again, thanks Joel and Dan!

And thanks to all the volunteers that made this great event possible!


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3 thoughts on “SLR 076: A Shout Out for SimpleREV 2014!

  1. It’s a two way street of hugs, love, and simple, Sheryl and Dave. You two were so engaging, so candid, and (often) so funny during your workshop that it’s impossible for our community *not* to connect with your story and insight. Thanks again for being such an integral part of our first-ever SimpleREV event!

    • Thanks Joel! It was our pleasure and our honor to be there! We felt such a connection with all the folks at SimpleREV 2014, we very much hope to see everyone again!