The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Moment

IMG_0335Imagine leaving behind the home of your dreams to begin living the life of your dreams.

Sheryl and I made that decision in August 2013.  Our beautiful home, the home in which our kids had grown to adulthood, was  no longer serving our needs in the most positive way.  In fact, it was beginning to do the opposite.  With all but one of the kids gone, our home was sitting half-empty.

IMG_0288This treasure of a home was becoming the very obstacle to achieving the life we were called to; a life well-stocked with adventures, of visiting our kids in their new home towns, and a life invested in helping others achieve their dreams while we continued to pursue our own.

Our decision to “right-size” was made infinitely easier when our next-door neighbor, who happened to be Sheryl’s mom, shared that moving in with her and purchasing her smaller home fit well with her dreams as well. She was seeking a home bustling again with family and the opportunity for travel and giving.  We all get along extremely well,  and it was not only a “win-win”, but a “joy-joy” situation.  She welcomed us with open arms and gave us the final encouragement to make needed changes.

IMG_0309A weekend moving sale on the cusp of combining two households into one, in which we would occupy a fraction of the space we had previously, was the Ctrl-Alt-Delete moment of our new lives.  Only items that were regularly used or cherished would be kept.  Everything else would be sold, donated or discarded, which by the end of the weekend, comprised about eighty percent of everything we owned.

At the time of writing this post, our house is on the market.   We cannot wait to see where our adventure will take us next,  and we will keep you updated in “Our Journey“.

Here are a few snapshots of the space we left, as well as the moving sale that was our Ctrl-Alt-Delete moment.

What you don’t see in the pictures is our supportive and loving mother-in-law standing just outside the frame cheering us on.

Thanks Mom!






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2 thoughts on “The Ctrl-Alt-Delete Moment

  1. We live in a society that stresses independence, but sometimes there are more benefits to joining forces, especially when it’s a win-win like yours. I chose to move in with my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 kids- it helps keep me mobile and I get to watch my nephews grow up. I love your idea of adventure too- we don’t know how long the current season will last- but it’s great to live it unencumbered by things.