The High Cost of Not Living

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Does it seem that daily life has become increasingly fractured, more hurried, and less satisfying?  Certainly, the financial collapse of 2008 did not help, but it seems more systemic than that.

We  Americans have historically put our faith in things like working long hours, buying the latest gadget, and  buying the bigger house, all in an attempt to bring about the “good life”.  For many, however, these approaches have proven disappointing in recent years.

Many of us have shackled ourselves with debt we cannot pay.  In a vain attempt to escape, we spend time playing games when our children need our attention and our help, our words of comfort or simply an ear that will listen.  We feel the inadequacy of our effort, of our parenting, of our friendships, and we bury our heads ever deeper into the easy living within our little devices that never give us trouble, never have a complaint, and always guarantee some reward for having picked them up.  But the game on the screen does not equate to a more fulfilling life.  So, what does?

A fulfilling life involves having the time, the resources, and the energy, to help others face to face.  And like the old saying goes, ‘charity starts at home’.  Yes, our children sometimes need our help, even after they have left the nest.  They need us to listen, to be there for them.  Let’s be there for them, and continue to give them our time, our energy, and our resources.

But how?  We may barely have enough resources for ourselves, barely enough time over the weekend to fix that broken irrigation line, or half a dozen other fix-it jobs left undone.  We sure do not have enough energy!  How do we get more of that?

We get all of that through creating more margin in our lives.

What is truly important in life sometimes does not become apparent until it is much too late, but the good news is…it is never too late.


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