The Joy of Capture with Evernote

Kids jumpingOne of the biggest challenges in tackling a new project is the assembly of  pertinent information. When starting out, it is difficult to know what resources might be ultimately be helpful and how they will fit with the plan. As resources are gathered,  particularly from different mediums, organization and retrieval can also be difficult.

Fortunately,  there is Evernote. I have been using Evernote for the past year and my appreciation for the tool continues to grow. Though I am not an expert user, even my rudimentary use dramatically improves my work flow and peace of mind.

For me,  Evernote is the perfect capture tool.  For Simple Life Reboot, I use Evernote in the following ways:

Audio Capture: When I have an idea for a post or website improvement on my morning walk (which happens almost every morning),  I record an audio note.  Later,  I transcribe and enter the appropriate topical tags.

Photographic Capture:  When Dave and I brainstorm,  we often write on a whiteboard.  Instead of recopying  the information,  I take a picture in  Evernote.  I also take Evernote pictures of  the events in our journey including moving out of our house,  the moving sale, before-and-after pictures, and scenes which inspire me.

Screenshots.  When I am on my computer reading a post or looking at a website with helpful information,  I take an Evernote screenshot and attach the URL.  I also take screenshots of tutorials to display on my iPad as I acquire new technical skills for Simple Life Reboot.

Linked Master Note.  While I can review all information on a topic by searching or reviewing tabs,  I further organize disparate information by preparing a Master Note linked to other notes. For instance, when attending a conference recently,  I linked maps, a screenshot agenda, and emails saved in Evernote to a Master Note on the conference.  One stop shopping for all the information!

Journal.  Dave and I  seek to document and accurately convey our  Simple Life Reboot journey.  In order to do this,  I maintain a journal with simple Evernote notes tagged with “SLR Journal”.  The ease of use, access on all of my devices, and the fact that it is searchable makes it easy to access information.  At the end of a long day,  I sleep better knowing that my notes and thoughts are safely tucked away.


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