SLR 085: Topics to Avoid at Christmas

simple life reboot christmasThis Christmas, when you gather with family and friends, remember that it is not about pretense or appearance.  Love everyone as they are, just as you are loved by God, who came among us to make things right.

Focus on the needs of others.  Give your loved ones what they need from you, – a hug, an affirmation that they are doing well, your attention, an encouraging nod.

There is usually plenty to talk about when family and friends get together to celebrate Christmas, but try to AVOID these topics to assure everyone enjoys a peaceful and relaxing day.


Seriously, Christmas is not about religion. It’s about the birth of the Savior for those who believe, and for those who do not, it’s about peace, love, and kinship among family and friends.  Do not compare your religious views with those of your guests.


Relationships are more important than who is right or wrong in their politics.  Keep your socioeconomic political philosophy to yourself this visit.  You will astound everyone with your gracious good humor.

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Sheryl and I would like to wish everyone this holiday season a peaceful Merry Christmas!

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