What Does Your Chair Say About You?

IMG_1255This is my chair. When I reflect upon why I bought it,  I realize how much our  intentional living journey has changed me. You see when  I purchased it,  I thought I needed to fill a space.  While I didn’t really “need” another chair, I thought our  family room required something new … plus,  it was affordable.

Now, two years later,  I regret buying the chair.  It is big, lumpy, uncomfortable and less than attractive.  It doesn’t fit with my lifestyle, space or body.  But, have I gotten rid of it?  Well,  let’s just say I’m thinking it through.

Our Place in the World

As I pondered the matter,  I realized that a chair can reflect our relationship with the world.  Babies use highchairs and car seats. Kings sit on thrones.  Dental patients sit in dental chairs.  Did this chair reflect how I wanted to relate to the world after coming home from work?  Hmmmm.

Assumptions and Response

My concerns were compounded when I stumbled upon Sebastian Deterding’s TED talk on “What Your Designs Say About You“.  Mr. Deterding made the case that design reflects assumptions.  For instance, the design of  a traditional school chair assumes that a student learns by sitting and receiving instruction from a lecturer.  The design of the chair prompts a response.  The student will stay seated, face forward, and  will, most likely, only take notes with his or her right hand.

Did I assume that my free time was best spent  ensconced in front of the t.v.?   Was the chair moving me further in that direction?  Double hmmmm.

Reflection of “Good Life”

It got worse.  Mr. Deterding then described how our choices reflects our definition of the “good life”.  Did I really believe the “good life” was comprised of acquiring possessions which were big enough to fill empty space but cheap enough to be replaced on a whim?   Was I unwilling to put effort into items of true beauty, value and healthy functionality?  Enough!

I’m getting rid of the chair!


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4 thoughts on “What Does Your Chair Say About You?

  1. I got a kick out of this and would luck would have it I just happen to have the perfect chair for you in our new Urban Attitudes Collection:0) (shameless plug)