Your Life Depends Upon Your Creativity

Morgan's clayThough we may not be conscious of the desire, we yearn to create.  Whether it is a special cupcake, a sculpture,  a song or a paper airplane,  we delight in making something to share with others.

Unfortunately,  as the years go by,  we discard our creativity for consumption. Instead of sharing a special recipe with friends, we pop a box in  the microwave and eat alone.  Instead of creating a  gathering place,  we pay someone else to design a space which is rarely used.  Instead of creating a play structure, we pay to be a spectator to our own lives. That which would have been beautiful and meaningful had we involved in and shared its creation,  becomes another bland accretion.

“BUT…”,  I hear you object,  “I DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE CREATIVE.”  Precisely!  What are we inviting into our lives which is crowding out the sharing of our most basic gifts?”

Dave and I recognized that we were out-of-balance.  Though we believe we are made in the image of our Creator and are called to “create” for the benefit of others,  we were spending most of our resources “consuming”.  Such was not good. It was degrading our lives and our ability to contribute to others.

Base consumption is transactional  and isolating. Further,  the habit of consuming lulls one into being a passive receptacle which is never fully satisfied.  In contrast,  creativity, in its multitudes of expressions,  is inherently joyful, energizing and relationship enhancing.  Creativity connects individuals and gives color and meaning to our lives.  Reclaim your creativity!  Your life,  and the lives of those around you, depend upon it!


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